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About 67% of American homes own a pet. A recent study by the American Pets Products Association shows at least one pet living with 85 million families.
Now, more than ever before, pets have become part of families. Pets require care just like humans for their well-being.
Most people spend time researching healthy food for their pets while neglecting healthy water. Filtered water has numerous benefits. If your family takes filtered water, you should consider giving your pets as well.
This article discusses six reasons why you should give your pets filtered water. Kindly read on to learn more.

1. Filtered Water Improves Hydration

Pets, just like humans, have a large water composition. Therefore, both pets and humans require water to stay hydrated and cool off.
Because filtered water tastes great, pets will want to drink more of it once they access it. The more pets drink water, the less their chances of being dehydrated after playing in the hot sun.
Furthermore, similar to humans, dogs staying hydrated reduces the number of urinary tract infections they may suffer from. Drinking more water also helps dogs that get sick often get back on their feet in no time. Summarily, by keeping them hydrated, filtered water does your pet a lot of good

2. Filtered Water Provides Protection against Toxins

The essential importance of filtered water is that it protects you and your pets from toxins. Tap water undergoes its purification process. However, cities and countries have different ways of upholding these processes. Therefore, the tap water that comes out of your sink may not be adequately purified.
Even if the tap water is purified, there is a likelihood of contaminants leaking through. Copper has been known to cause liver and kidney diseases in humans and animals, and it is found mainly in rusty pipes in old homes. Getting one of our water filters will remove contaminants from your water.

3. Filtered Water Enhances Pet Health

Pets tend to eat things without your knowledge, thereby increasing the toxin level in their bodies. Fortunately, drinking clean water can rid pets' bodies of toxins, keeping them in excellent health. In addition, filtered water is the best option for dogs, especially smaller breeds and older dogs, because they have very delicate digestive systems and weak immune systems.
Clean water also helps cells regrow and thrive, keeping your pet healthy and strong throughout their lifetime. Therefore, drinking filtered water increases your pet's chances of recovering from illnesses and living a relatively pain-free life.

4. Cold Filtered Water Is Good for Pet's Bodies

There has been a myth that cold water causes dangerous bloating and is harmful to dogs for a long time. Nevertheless, the myth is entirely false.
Dogs tend to gulp water down, making them aspirate and choke. Although this is a confusing and scary situation, it is not a result of cold water.
Drinking cold water can stop your dog from drinking a lot too quickly. Therefore, giving your pets cold, filtered water from the refrigerator is much more beneficial than warm water from the tap.

5. Filtered Water Contains Less Chlorine

Filtered water has numerous benefits, including reducing the amount of chlorine in drinking water. When you ingest chlorine via tap water, it can cause significant cell damage. Chlorine can also cause breathing difficulties and coughing.
Unfortunately, pets are more sensitive to the side effects of chlorine because their digestive system cannot withstand chemicals like chlorine. Eliminating chlorine from your pet's drinking water using a water filter is ideal.

6. Filtered Water Reduces Tear Stains

Another massive benefit of pets consuming filtered water is that it helps in reducing tear stains. The slight dark marks under a dog's eyes are known as tear stains. Tear stains are more noticeable in dogs with lighter-colored fur.
Poor diet and tap water containing toxins cause tear stains. The more your dog consumes toxins through food and unfiltered water, the larger their tear stains.
You can buy a water filter for your home, helping you provide filtered water for your pets and reducing the size of their tear stains. Also, filtered water guarantees that your pets are drinking clean water that is not harmful to their bodies.

Pets Stand to Gain More from Filtered Water.

Although filtering water may incur additional costs, the benefits of filtered water outweigh such costs. You can take care of the health of your family and pets by purchasing a water filter. Your well-being does not have a price tag.

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